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Once that’s done, she has some “friends” come over and they take her mother too.It ends very well with a nice mother-daughter sex scene. Well, he left out one minnor detail, he can hypnotize people. Britley had it all and started to loose it and a righ man offered millions to spend one night with her.A young girl is intrigued by lights in a cave and decides to investigate them only to find a mysterious woman inside who seduces and possess her.She learns how to “please a women” and she seduces her best friends.She eventually starts dressing more revealing and gets a job at a strip club. Since I love fetish stories, especially ones about clothes, this one has my pick.Some of the best clothing descriptions I’ve seen in a story and yet the author only has one story...a shame really. A woman is kidnapped and is slowly transformed into a fuck doll and is sold. Another great Tabico story where in this one, someone breaks into a young girls house and places and alien pod between her legs and takes control of her.

Seeing how I have a foot fetish, this story kicks ass! Young man seduces his teacher with a hidden talent he has and then he takes over the school. He has his way with his neighbor, teacher, the hottest girl in school, his mother and sister, and his best friend. Well he has his way and puts in a special sound system and orders new uniforms for everyone. A scientist invents a way to turn girls into nympomaniacs and cause “other” changes as well.

She has her hypnotize her and the worm infected body tells her to take the worms from the disposal can and infest herself with them. I just hope that Tabico adds more because this is truly one of my favorites. I first read this on the asstr homepage and I’m glad it found its way here. It’s a great story where the office becomes a sex filled emviroment. Not only is this a great story, it’s filled with lots of detail.

Cindy goes on vacation but when she comes back the town has been enslaved by a corporation and it picks up from there. Girls start dressing mini skirts getting shorter and shorter everyday. Girl goes to a private college and she changes into a bi with no inhabitions. Stupid movie comes out but grows on the people as a clothing line opens up based on the movie’s clothes.

This is another good story with great descriptions.

A woman goes to shop for clothing and listens to subliminal messages in the music playing in the dressing room.

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